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Aquamat Condensate Pump Trays for use under Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Welcome to Headglow’s website. We have been designing, manufacturing and supplying the Aquamat range of condensate removal trays for use under retail display cabinets for over 30 years. Our Aquamat units are widely used where gravity drainage is not readily available.For larger customers we are happy to design and build custom condensate removal pump trays to suit your particular application. Please call to discuss your requirements.

AM103, Headglow

Aquamat Mark 3 & 3A

0 T UMAX PowerLook III V1.5 [2], Headglow

Aquamat Mark 5

AM107, Headglow

Aquamat Mark 7 & 7A








MARK8, Headglow

Aquamat Mark 8 & 8A


Aquamat Mark 9 Macerator